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Always a Love Song Preview

With the release of Always a Love Song just a couple months away, I want to tell you a little bit about what you can expect from it! The story's about Bridget, a pop-star, who returns to her hometown for the first time since hitting it big, and Alex, the ex-girlfriend she left behind. Alex, who now owns a bar and throws herself into work, is less than thrilled with Bridget's return. " A lesbian romance about music, accepting the past, and embracing second chances to write a new future."

Obviously, this is a second-chance romance, which surprised even me because I actually don't read a lot of these. If a couple wasn't right for each other once, I feel like the author has to work extra hard to convince me that they'll last this time around. So what made me want to write one? Well, for one, I spent most of December 2015 driving between two part-time jobs and listening to Adele's 25. This story was heavily inspired by her track "When We Were Young." Sometimes songs get my head spinning with stories, and this one just wouldn't let me go.

I also happen to love pining, and a story where two women who loved each other once upon a time meet as older and wiser people is a prime opportunity for that. I consider myself more of a character-first writer than a plot-first writer, so even though I shy away from second-chance romances, I was really excited to dig into the emotions that a five-year reunion would dredge up.

And since I love music, I was excited about writing about that, too. Bridget plays the piano and guitar better than I ever could, so maybe a part of me is living through her! Even though I took some inspiration for the story from Adele, I modeled Bridget slightly on Sara Bareilles, whose music I adore because of its lyricism and depth of emotion.

Although Bridget is arguably the warmer lead, I hope readers connect with Alex, too. She can be prickly and come across as standoffish, but she really loves her friends and is just scared of getting her heart broken again. The outwardly-strong-but-inwardly-emotional character is an archetype I can't say no to!

Read the full synopsis over on Ylva's website, and add Always a Love Song to your Goodreads today! And watch this space! I'll be posting the first chapter closer to release date!


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