• Charley Clarke

Why I Write Romance

Like many authors, I've been a reader all my life. However, it wasn't until a few years ago that I started reading romance frequently. Part of this was because I hadn't been that interested in love stories. Even now, when I'm reading science fiction, fantasy, or other genres, I'm more than okay with there not being a love story.

But part of the reason was because romance tends to have a bad reputation. And when I learned more about why--because it's largely written by women, because it centers female happiness--I wanted to read in the genre so I could make my own decision about it. Turns out that the more I read it, the more I loved it.

For a long time, I overdosed on "gritty" fiction where everyone ended up unhappy or dead. That no longer thrills me as a reader. I like that romance promises me a happy ending, and I like watching characters navigate the obstacles that keep them apart. And since I love to write, it seemed like a natural decision to try my hand at my own romance manuscript, which is why I now have a website! In today's world, I think it's more important than ever to write about happiness, and so that's what I do. I hope you enjoy reading my romance stories as much I enjoy writing them.

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