Charley Clarke

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About Charley

Charley Clarke writes romance, both contemporary and speculative fiction. Her first novel, ALWAYS A LOVE SONG, was released by Ylva Publishing in summer 2019. THE BUSINESS OF LOVE is coming from Ylva Publishing in February 2023. When she's not writing, she loves baked goods, long walks, and relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea. You can find her on Twitter @CharleyCWriter.


The only thing worse than fake marrying a woman for a job is falling in love with her! An opposites-attract lesbian romance that puts the ache in fake relationship.

Driven, reserved businesswoman Mackenzie Watson has one goal—take over her family company and secure her little sister’s future. The only wrinkle is her late grandmother’s decree that her company’s CEO must be married.

Adding marriage into Mack’s well-ordered life is a recipe for disaster. Her oh-so-logical solution? She’ll just hire a woman to be her wife for a year. Besides, maybe a little chaos is exactly what she needs…

Enter Taylor Sutton, the woman Mack accidentally stood up for a date six months ago. With a mountain of college debt, the barista could seriously use the money that comes with playing Mack’s wife. The big hitch—so to speak—is that her new wife is pretentious and arrogant and Taylor can’t stand even being in the same room with her.

God, Taylor pities anyone who’d fall in love with annoying, gorgeous Mack Watson and her kissable lips.

Wait, what?

Ylva Publishing. 2023.



Taylor’s date was late. Only ten minutes, but enough to be irritating. It didn’t bode well.

Taylor tapped her fork against the cream-colored napkin. The restaurant was fancy deep red color scheme, plush chairs, exposed brick walls, and low, intimate lighting. It was entirely too fancy for her budget, and her little black dress was just a little too snug. That tended to happen after a disastrous break-up.

She hadn’t even wanted to go on this rebound date in the first place, not really. It’d only been two months since Brittany, and she was definitely not looking for a relationship. A night out, sure, maybe some enjoyable conversation, although even that didn’t seem to be on the cards tonight.

After assuring the waiter that, yes, her date was on her way and it’d be only a few minutes more, she slipped her phone out of her purse and sent a text off to her best friends, Emily and Jade.

How long are you supposed to wait for a date? Is it the fifteen-minute rule like with professors?

A lesbian romance about music, accepting the past, and embracing second chances to write a new future.

When golden girl pop star Bridget Callahan’s broken engagement comes out, she heads back to her hometown for the first time in five years to write songs for her next album. And maybe while she’s there, she’ll finally be able to face the woman she left behind who she never let go.

Bar owner Alex Marlow has spent the past five years mending her broken heart by pretending she doesn’t have one. But Bridget’s return disrupts her ordered life and brings all those chaotic, buried feelings back to the surface. Can they forgive each other and themselves for mistakes made when they were younger?

Ylva Publishing. 2019.



Even surrounded by people, Bridget was alone. Or, at least, it felt that way. This was what her life had become, just a still body in a sea of constantly moving people. Television studio workers scurried around prepping for the show. Her agent, Pippa, chattered on the phone, making decisions on her behalf. And Max, her best friend and songwriting partner, was too caught up in flirting with his makeup artist to even glance her way.

“I want to go home,” Bridget said. The decision came out of nowhere. Or everywhere, maybe, informed by five long years of loneliness and heartache, and exacerbated by this mess of a breakup.